What should I take for a first class?

Shorts and t-shirt. If you feel comfortable you can take a sports top. We do not need shoes – we practice barefoot or in socks. Remember not to use body lotion or hand cream before the course. Positive attitude is required 😉

How are the classes organized?

All classes (except individual and stretching) last 75 minutes. We want each workout to be preceded by a decent 15 minute warm-up and end with a peaceful stretching with an appropriate amount of time to regular practice.

How big are classes?

Classes will be up to 8 people (as many as poles). Don’t worry, there won’t be situations where you would have to share a pole with someone else.

I have weak upper body, is pole dance for me?

Yes, it is. We come to class in order to strengthen our body, including hands, arms, abs and legs. Also buttocks, back, shoulders … We will help you to sculpt your body. Nothing to worry about.

Can I train pole dance if I’m over 40 years old?

Of course! Age is not a limitation. Pole Dance train girls, teenagers and women regardless of age.

What if I can’t come to class but I already paid?

You can always make up a class on another date set by the instructor, within the duration of the pass. But remember to tell us about you absence at least the day before.

How to sign up for classes?

If you go to “offer” on our website, there is a “sign up” button. You must fill out a short form regarding your personal data, as well as select your chosen group. We will inform you by e-mail about availability, or propose an alternative date.

Which poles do we use in the class?

Our school is equipped with poles from polish production company Pole Systems. We have 4 chrome and 4 powder coated poles. The diameter of each is 45 mm and a height 3.65 m.

Are there any limitations to practice pole dance?

Unfortunately yes there are. It is not recommended to practice the sport for women during pregnancy and in their postnatal period. Also, people with back problems should not take it. If you’re taking medications which affect the physical or mental abilities you should check with doctor before class and inform the instructor about it.

What are the risks associated with practicing Pole Dance? What if something happens to me in the classroom?

In each class there is an instructor who will always be there for you. We help with making figures, and teach proper technique. Instructors at the school have had a first aid course. In addition, the school has liability insurance (OC). However, we recommend that each student has an individual insurance against accidents (NNW), because the school is not responsible for this (eg. In case of ankle sprains).


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