Pole Dance instructors - Beata

as a woman always perfectly (doesn’t) know what she wants. After graduating from high school she worked in a office, studied management and quietly all the time dreamed of a career on the stage … Interested in graphic design, photography and vocals. Loves every kind of dance: hip-hop, dancehall, samba, ballroom dancing and belly dance. But actually the pole became the starting point and the initial vision of what she really wants to do. One day she just quit her job and turned over her “well arranged” life upside down to be able to share her passion with you 🙂


has always dreamed of their own company, there was only lack of the concrete idea. One thing was certain: working with people and among people. Starting with food technology , through hotels and restaurants, to the idea of quitting everything and travel around the world … In childhood ballet, in high school hip-hop, college courses ballroom dancing , burlesque and pilates . And now Pole Dance. Initially it was supposed to be just another hobby but every training was changing that to something more. Participation in workshops, presence in Pole Expo in Las Vegas and also instructor course – all that helped to enjoy pole dance every day now as a work.

instruktorki Yoga - Monika
Monika – Hatha Yoga

Janeiro House Team | Promo 2017

Janeiro House Team from Janeiro House on Vimeo.

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