I General conditions

1.    Alcohol and other drug is forbidden in Janeiro House.
2.    Janeiro House is not responsible for lost things.
3.    In random situation studio can cancel the class or find an alternative date for it.
4.    Students agree to use their pictures and videos for marketing needs.
5.    Students under 18 years old need written parents’ permission to attend class.


II Classes

1.     Students attend classes if they bought a pass or 1 time entrance.
2.     You can sign up by email, SMS or in private facebook message.
3.     The amount of people in one group is max. 10 people, min. 4.
4.     Required outfit is shorts and sport t-shirt or top. We don’t need shoes. We train barefoot or in socks.
5.     Wearing jewellery is forbidden (especially rings, bracellets, watches)
6.     Students agree to take care of the equipment.
7.     If student skips the class without informing Janeiro House, the class vanishes
8.     Students who inform JH about their absence at least 1 day before the class, they can make up class in another time chosen by instructor.


III Safety

1.     People taking part in pole dance do so at their own risk. Janeiro House does not insure users in case of accidents , and is not responsible for any accidents, damage, injury or injuries incurred while attending classes.
2.     Pregnant and postpartum women can not participate in pole dance activities.
3.     During the class it is forbidden to chew a gum, it may cause choking.
4.     Students shouldn’t use any body lotion or hand cream before the class.
5.     It is forbidden to independently change the function of static and rotating poles.